Primary School Horjul

We are a small school in a rural area near the capital Ljubljana. Our village Horjul is situated in a lovely valley among green hills so that living as well as working here is a lot of fun and we feel quite relaxed. It is also important that the capital Ljubljana is only 20 km away so that we can enjoy all the perks and benefits that we need.


There are around 300 students in our school aged from 6 to 15. Our students are talented and successful in many ways. We’re proud to have musicians, dancers, athletes and exceptional writers among us. Our school is quite small but still it is pretty well equipped with modern IT equipment. We have got a computer room and also a new sports hall. We feel comfortable in our school and always try to spend time in a useful and enjoyable way. Students and teacher work together and cooperate whilst learning one from another and developing various skills and abilities.

(Skupno 630 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)